Running Big IP virtual editon trial on KVM

Big IP for KVM only works for certain versions of KVM, and it won’t even lets you go into tmsh for other KVM version. Here is a workaround.
Since we can’t access to tmsh, you might won’t to add ip address to eth0 interface via “ip addr add “ipaddr/mask” dev eth0″ command, if you want to ssh to bigip.

First rewrite /bin/qp script which is executed on boot.
This just echoes platform infomation to /PLATFORM file.
The platform infomation is copied from BIG IP Virtual edition for vmware.

# vim /bin/qp


echo "Z100"

if [ ! -f /PLATFORM ] ; then
echo "platform=Z99
systype=0x76" > /PLATFORM

Also rewrite the PLATFORM file directly. I am not sure this step is necessary.
Some of the guidance out there say it should be done, so I am just doing it just in case.



And then, reboot. It should come up with no error.

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