NFS Setup Note

NFS Setup on Arch Linux

NFS server on Arch Linux
1. Get nfs-utils from repo

2. Edit domain section of /etc/idmapd.conf.

3. Edit /etc/exports and decide your pseudo-root directory (Can be anywhere)
Change the permission of the directories to your preference with chmod.
Explanations are available in man exports

4. mount the directory you want to share via nfs
mount –bind /mnt/hdd /srv/nfs4
in /etc/fstab
/mnt/hdd /srv/nfs4 none bind 0 0

5. Apply /etc/exports configuration.You must run the command below everytime you make changes to a exports file
exportfs -rav

6. Open ports for nfs, if you use iptables
specify mount port in /etc/conf.d/nfs-server.conf
MOUNTD_OPTS=”–port 4444″

Client Settings
From MacOS
Read man mount_nfs, man nfs.conf, man mount
To specify mount port use mountport=4444.

# It seems nfsv4 does not work well on Mavericks, even though MacOS is supposed to be Unix.
SMB will probably perform better.

# Updates
NFSv3 with certain options works very well.
Read the Time Machine via NFS article.

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